Jimena Grueso


Jimena Grueso Tenorio was born in Colombia in 1976. Jimena studied arts in the Departmental Institute of Fine Arts of Cali. She attended the afternoon open courses while she finished her last years of high school and first two years of university. After dedicating 15 years to her engineer career in the fashion industry and developed entrepreneurial projects, she decided to bet on her passion for art and devoted her time to work again in drawing and painting workshops.

Jimena lives in Mexico since 2001, and in 2011 she joins the Drawing and Painting workshop of the Institute of Culture of Veracruz-IVEC, under the mentorship of Maestro Israel Barrón González.

In 2014 she was invited to an art residency in Serbia and returned in 2015 and 2016 to continue her exchange of artistic experiences with that country.

Nowadays, she works independently in Photo installation and her pictorial work under the mentorship of Master Hugo Laurencena.